Sorry, Rishi, you’re to blame for Braverman

Prime minister vowed to restore seriousness and stability but retaining the home secretary fatally undermines that

The Times

Let’s start by floating two possibilities for the rest of this parliament. Ready? They are: a) that Suella Braverman eventually says or does something that means she can’t stay in government; or b) that she doesn’t. Now, ask yourself which seems more likely.

While you’re pondering that, let’s jump over to Rishi Sunak at the G7 summit in Hiroshima on Sunday. There he was, having just spent three days being one of the seven most important people in the free world, talking wars and jets and all that other big geopolitical stuff. Only, what’s the first question he gets asked? Step forward the BBC’s Chris Mason, asking about the Sunday Times story that Braverman sought help from civil servants over a speeding fine.

Sunak frowns.