Pep Guardiola is dominating the Premier League, not Man City

When their exceptional leader decides to leave, Manchester City will struggle in the same way Manchester United did after Sir Alex Ferguson

The Times

It’s Pep Guardiola. Don’t you see that? It’s not Manchester City, it’s him. City are a well-run club, we know. Intelligent, empowering, exceptional recruitment strategies. Even so, take Guardiola away, and they don’t win five titles in six.

Sporting success is about individuals, not institutions. We underestimate the influence of these lone figures sometimes. Arsène Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson. We think a club has a way of playing, a signature, when a club just sits there useless, largely, until an individual flicks a switch, ignites a spark. That is what Guardiola has done at Manchester City. That is why this is about him, more than them. Everyone is scared of them. Everyone thinks they will dominate for years. Really? Without Guardiola? We’ll see.

Some years