Martin Amis and the early signs and symptoms of oesophageal cancer

Following the death of the author from the condition this is what you need to know

The Times

I must admit to never having read a Martin Amis novel, but his death last week has prompted me to write about a cancer that deserves a higher profile. Amis had oesophageal cancer, a type of tumour of the gullet that affects 1 in 50 men and 1 in 96 women in the UK at some stage. While smoking (Amis was a heavy smoker) is a significant risk factor, it is only part of the story. Having some types of indigestion and being overweight can cause it too.

The oesophagus runs from the back of the throat to the top of the stomach, and most tumours develop in the lower portion, which is prone to “splash back” (reflux) from gastric juices. Think of the stomach