Maryland review — an intriguing mystery fuelled by sibling rivalry

Also reviewed: Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

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Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

Wait, did I just watch a primetime TV drama that didn’t involve murder, rape, gangs, troubled cops or gratuitous sex? It’s a miracle! More remarkable still, Suranne Jones wasn’t for once playing an alpha woman in a power blouse. In Maryland she is Becca, the dowdier younger sister of Rosaline (Eve Best) with a humdrum “hassled mum” life up north, terrible taste in jumpers and a seemingly useless husband. Rosaline, meanwhile, lives in London, has a high-powered job and no kids, and has sex with a younger man. Chalk-and-cheese sisters thrown together when their mother, Mary, was found dead (but not murdered!) on a beach on the Isle of Man, mystery surrounding why