‘I had to sell my flat to pay for my carers’

Judy Graham, 76, has had multiple sclerosis for 50 years. She opens up about living with the condition and her struggle to find suitable housing

“No steps is an essential of life,” says Judy Graham
“No steps is an essential of life,” says Judy Graham
The Times

The three dreaded Ds – death, divorce and debt – are common reasons to sell a property. But there’s another D estate agents rarely talk about — disease — and maybe that’s because it’s too delicate to mention [writes Judy Graham, 76, a retired journalist].

For me, disease has been the driver for all my moves. I now live in a naff bungalow in the outer reaches of suburbia. Being an urbanite it has never been my wish to live in a non-descript neighbourhood near nothing of cultural interest, however leafy it may be.

But for all its naffness, the bungalow has one big plus — it’s all on one level, with no steps anywhere. It also has the bonus of off-street parking. Now that