Harry Styles tour review — A showman at the height of his powers

Coventry Building Society Arena
Styles looked little bit like Ziggy Stardust
Styles looked little bit like Ziggy Stardust


The path to the Coventry Building Society Arena (the football stadium, not a bank) was paved with pink feathers. Inside, a small town’s worth of teenage girls (plus a few befuddled parents) in pink glittery cowboy hats assembled.

“Who’s Gen-Z’s answer to David Bowie?” I asked some friends recently. “Harry Styles,” came one unhesitating reply.

I wouldn’t go quite so far — we’re talking about a pop star who was lab-grown in the X-Factor boy band One Direction, after all — but last night I could see what she meant. The gender-flunking (he wore a dress on the cover of Vogue), flares-sporting, tousled-haired sex symbol has something of uncategorisable Bowie — and so, too, of his universal appeal. Everybody loves Harry Styles, myself included.